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If you would like to order a Martin Taylor Guitar contact us on the link below.



All guitars made by Martin Taylor Guitars are custom made. This means that the price for an individual guitar is just that, individual. However to give you an idea of what your budget should be the following should help.

Basic guitar (Dreadnought or classical shape) starting from $3300.

This is based on Blackwood back and sides, Engelmann Spruce soundboard and the basic set up as described on the guitars page.

Options that affect the price are select tonewoods for the back and sides or soundboard (Tiger Myrtle, Sassafras King Billy Pine etc), cutaway design, Paua Shell or Mother of Pearl inlays etc. These can add up to several hundred dollars so when discussing your custom guitar a fixed quotation will be supplied based on your requirements.


Guitar case - Martin Taylor Guitars can source a variety of guitar cases that will fit your custom guitar. These are good quality hard cases and we will supply them at a discounted rate. You will need a case to protect your guitar.

Pickup - Custom built acoustic guitars are best left as just that, acoustic. However to meet the demands of the modern player, pickups can be installed. To place a cheap pickup in a custom built guitar would be a waste of time and would compromise the sound of the guitar. Martin Taylor Guitars recommends L.R. Baggs pickups only. There are a range of types and prices to suit any player\\\'s needs. We can supply and install these pickups at cost plus a small amount to cover our time to install.

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